Wednesday, 24 June 2009

photo by mijae


About my works.

This is about Bricks which are my favorite objects in london. My first sight of london from window side seat in the airplane was the red-brown bricks land. The city where I came to spend my youth to find out something precious was full of bricks, well made and has a thousand of colours and patterns. When I faced on choosing a theme of my final collection, I looked back upon the past five years in london, and the first moment of bricks turned back into my mind very naturally. 

It was not necessary to research about bricks as other project, because they are already my favorite object in london. They exist where i often go to , in the books and drawings and photos which i've always loved. I kept drawing about the patterns and colours on the white paper with pastel and water. To create the detail from its many hard voyages, I used many of different materials for scratching and blurring. I worked on digital print and silk screen print in both. 

And I decided to make garments with the fabric, not only for the reason that i love clothing, closer to the reason that i wanted to see the link between bricks and human. I am inspired by bricks in london, not anywhere else. 

This is come from a very personal reason to see their beauty and re-create it on the fabric. It is include my past five years in here, and the bricks always surrounded the days of mine.

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